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Sound and backlight works but no image.

Check the LVDS cable. If no fault in the LVDS connector and cable, check panel voltage via pin 24, 26, 28 or 30 of S103. If ain't voltage, check R224. If panel voltage has in R224, check T209, T204, T205 and T202. If ain't voltage in R224 check IC102.

If panel voltage has in S103, check T-CON Board or Panel.

Backlight not working, sound ok.

Check the 24V inverter supply voltage via inverter board. If ain't 24V, check 'ON/OFF' signal via pin 13 of S202. If this signal is low level, check T208. If signal has in S202, check power supply board.

If 24V has in Inverter Board, check T207.


Voltage Table

Entering The Service Menu

To enter Service Menu, via 'menu' -> '8500' (or 9301) by remote control.

To exit from service menu, press 'menu' button.

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