VKT.190R   tp3187-r1   YF2187R

Sound ok, backlight works but no image.

Check the LVDS cable. If no fault in the LVDS connector and cable, inspect 'PANEL_VCC' (12V) voltage via L109. If ain't this voltage, inspect via 10 or 11th pin of S100. If voltage has in S100, check the power supply board. If ain't signal, update the Tv software or replace IC400. If there is 'PANEL_VCC' voltage in pin 2 of T101 but no voltage in pin 3, replace T101.

When turn-on the Tv, a voltage from 2 to 3 volts occur in the pin 1 of T100 and transmit 'VCC_PANEL' voltage from pin 2 to pin 3.

If these voltage is normal check 'TCON-ON' signal via pin 1th of R159 and check 'FRC_TCON_ON' signal via pin 1th of R160 . If these signals level is 'high', update the Tv software or replace IC400, If these signals level is 'low', replace the T-con board.

Backlight not working, sound ok,

Check the 12V and 24V inverter supply voltages via inverter board. If there is 12V but no 24V to inverter board, replace power board.

If 24v is normal, check 'BL_CTRL' signal via pin 17th of S100. This signal must be over 3V. If ain't signal, update the Tv software or replace inverter board.

No sound, picture ok.

Ensure that the cables are connected to the same inputs on the TV.

Check whether the sound in the headphone output. If there is sound in the headphone output, replace speakers.

If ain't sound in headphone check the audio signal via IC200. If ain't signal, update the Tv software. If audio signal has in IC600, check 3.3V in pin 13 - 27 - 37 of IC800. If ain't signal these pins, replace the IC200. If these voltage is normal, replace the IC800.

Check 'VCC_AUDIO' (24V) voltage. If ain't voltage, check power board. If If this voltage is normal, replace IC800.

Also, check whether 3.3V in C843 and check the 'RESET_OUT' signal if this voltage is 0V.

VKT.190R - KT Overview

The power supply board is to enable only 5V (+5V2_ST) when Tv to standby mode.

12V and 24V supply voltages is working to enable by command of IC200.

3 basic signals are send from main board to power board ;

'POWER_SWX' signal from pin 12 of S100. This signal activate the 12V and 24V.

'BL_CTRLX' signal from pin 14 of S100. This signal activate the backlight.

'BRI_ADJX' signal from pin 13 of S100. This signal adjust the brightness.

The main board has only +5V2_ST and VCC3V3-ST signals/voltages when TV to standby mode.

VCC1V5 is supply of DDR3 RAMs and IC200.

VCC1V25 is supply of DVB-S2 demodulator.

VCC3V3 is supply of EEPROMs, IC200, NAND FLASH, DVB-S2 demodulator, I2C PULL-UP, CI Multiplexers and RESET IC.

VCC_AUDIO is supply of sound and subwoofer amplifiers.

VCC5V is supply of TUNER, VGA and USB.

3.3V_Tun is supply of HDMIs.

IC200 : MSD8361MVKT-YS Main IC

32bit CPU based on Linux with DVB-T/C, Analog Broadcast Demodulator, USB Record, NTSC/PAL/SECAM Full HD 50Hz, MPEG2 and MPEG4 features.

This IC has more than 500 legs. Special equipment is required for installation and removal.

This IC are designed with very low error ratios. If you suspect an error with Main IC on TV, firstly supplies of this IC should be checked.

IC500 IC501 : K4B4G1646B DDR3 RAM

System Ram.


Includes the System Software.

If any problem occurs in the flash memory, the chassis will not function as the software in the chassis is not functioning.

As soon as the chassis is energized, Led located on the front panel will start flashing. This means that Main IC has read and started to operate the software.

If Led is constantly illuminated but not flashing, and the chassis is not turned on even though the chassis is energized, this means either software was not read due to a problem in flash memory or it could not be started due to a problem in Main IC.


Sound amplifier including headphone output.

Audio output power is 2x10W, supply voltage is 24V.


Subwoofer amplifier.

IC1120 IC1101 : AV2012-S8QEGQ0 MSB1310

DVB-S2 Tuner & Demodulator.


This IC working with 12V. If you have problems in the 12V circuit, check this IC.

IC1001 : Si2158-A20-GMR HYBRID TUNER

Analog and Digital Tuner.

Entering The Service Menu

To enter Service Menu, via 'menu' -> '8500' (or 9301) by remote control.

To exit from service menu, press 'menu' button.

TV Configuration :

This menu contains configuration settings of TV. These settings differ from the 'System Configuration'. This menu contains the changes which the user can directly observe.

Access code is '2 3 5 6'

DVBT2 : Default value is OFF.

OSD SELECTION : Default value is Grundig.

USB RECORDING : Default value is ON.

REMOTE CONTROL : Set by RC type.

KEYPAD : Default value is Joystick.

MEMC : Default value is ON.

7SEGMENT DISPLAY : Default value is OFF.

ECO TV : Default value is ON.

HEADPHONE : Default value is STA.

SHOP MODE : Default value is OFF.

3D TV : Default value is ON.

CEC : Default value is ON

SPEAKER OUTPUT POWER : Default value is 10W.

SUBWOOFER OUTPUT POWER : Default value is 10W.

HIDEV MONO : Default value is ON.

OPTIC OUT : Default value is ON.

SPORT MODE : Default value is OFF.

BISS KEY : Default value is ON. Access code is 'menu + 2 4 7 7'

GRFset2 : Default value is ON.

VOICE RECOGNITION RC : Default value is ON.

HBB TV : Default value is ON.

POWER LED BRIGHTNESS LOW : Default value is 8.

POWER LED BRIGHTNESS HIGH : Default value is 23.

Software Version : Information of System Software

Source Configuration :

The settings under source configuration tab determine which sources will be on and which ones will be off.

Access code is '2 3 5 6'

Set by TV Inputs.

System Configuration :

This menu contains general settings of the system.

TV MODE : Default value is Customer.

HDCP VERIFY : not set.

DEBUG MODE : Default value is OFF.

PLUG PLAY : Default value is OFF.

BLUE BACK : Default value is ON.

HOTEL : Default value is OFF.

CI KEY VERIFY : not set. 


Cloner Configuration

Access code is '4 6 5 8'


This menu is used to copy your selections, channel lists, user options, satellite settings and service menu settings on TV and move them to another TV. Particularly, when installing TV at the user's home, this feature will save us time as we will not have to tune satellite channels anew.

Copy selects what and to where we want to copy. TV to USB copies the configuration on TV to the USB. USB to TV transfers previously prepared channel list, user and satellite settings to TV.

Copy item is the name of configuration to be copied.

  • Channel/Video Set selection enables us to transfer channels, frequencies and favourite lists that were already set.
  • Service Set enables us to transfer service menu settings. When installing at the user’s place, this option should not be cloned.
  • User Set enables us to transfer user settings (sound, brightness, TV language and etc.).

Start Cloning option starts the cloning process. Whereas TV to USB takes little time, USB to TV causes a short interruption of TV imaging. When TV automatically restarts after installation, its means cloning is completed.

ATTENTION : When cloning, you should ensure that both product codes are the same. During both TV to USB cloning and USB to TV cloning, 'ALL' should be selected as Copy item. When cloning between different product codes, only 'Channel/Video Set' should be copied. After copying, picture settings of TV may show some differences.

Software Update Procedures of  VKT.190R - KT chassis

With USB Memory

Copy Target folder to USB main directory. Before starting installation, you should check script and panel files in the Target folder which will be installed. 

  • KT

    The content of Target folder to be transferred to USB disk main directory should be as shown below.

  • KT Bin

    The content of BIN_FILES folder should be as shown below.

Shut down TV (Disconnect the power) before inserting USB to TV for software update.

Plug in USB to TV; press P+ key of the keypad on TV and plug ac cable. Hold down P+ key of the keypad on TV until installation has started.

USB update logo will be shown on the screen during software download from USB. KT Update

If software installation has been successfully completed, TV will automatically turn on.


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GRUNDIG 42 VLC 9040 S 93825012000271
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if you need a different file feel free to want.

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GRUNDIG 42 VLC 9040 S 93825012000271
Panel lg LC420WUD

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