YUL190R YUL.190R   YE11875   YD1187R


Backlight work but no image. Screen flashing red/green/blue. Remote control will not operate faults.

Do the following changes for solve the issues.

  • Apply these changes for all models

    >Replace IC900 with MP2205ADL.

    >Replace R902 with 12K.

    >Replace R903 with 39K.

  • Apply these changes for

    USB and DVD models

    >Add a 3.3nf capacitor onto R903.

  • Apply these changes for

    Non-USB and non-DVD models

    >Remove the L903 and refit the L902.

Entering The Service Menu

To enter Service Menu, via "i" -> "8500" (or call "menu" and press "9 3 0 1") by remote control. To exit from service menu, press "i" (or "menu") button.

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